/Performance Nutrition Guide for Football Players

Performance Nutrition Guide for Football Players

Rashmi Cherian

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The Winning Plate: A Proven Performance Nutrition Blueprint for Football Excellence


Discover the science-backed strategies of performance nutrition tailored exclusively for football players in this comprehensive online course. From optimizing energy levels to enhancing endurance, you'll gain invaluable insights into the role of nutrition in elevating your game.

Unravel the secrets of meal planning, hydration, and targeted supplementation to take your skills to new heights and excel on the field. Don't miss this opportunity to fuel your passion for the game with the Performance Nutrition Guide for Football Players.

Key Highlights

Unlock the secrets of peak football performance through optimal nutrition and fueling strategies.

Personalized nutrition plan strategies will empower you to excel on the field, no matter your training level or goals

Master hydration tactics to stay fluid and at the top of your game even during intense matches and challenging conditions

Discover the power of key nutrients and superfoods, elevating your football stamina and success.

Gain insights into supplement safety and make smart choices to enhance your performance with confidence

What you will learn

Introduction to Performance Nutrition

Elevating on-field performance through targeted nutrition strategies.

Understanding Energy Needs

Calculating and meeting total energy requirements for peak play.

Optimizing Macro & Micronutrients

Tailoring carbs, protein, fats, vitamins & minerals for enhanced athletic prowess.

Mastering Hydration

Implementing effective hydration strategies for sustained stamina and recovery.

Building a Performance Plate

Creating personalized meal plans based on training intensity and goals.

Supercharging Workouts

Strategically fueling before, during, and after workouts for optimal results.

Superfoods for Football Players

Unleash your potential with nutrient-rich superfoods enhancing your athletic performance and accelerating recovery.

Importance of Sleep

Recognizing the vital role of quality sleep and methods to optimize rest for improved performance.


Introduction: Fueling Victory

1 attachment • 3.4 mins

Introduction to Football Nutrition

MODULE 1 - Powering Up: Why Nutrition is the Game-Changer for Football Players

2 attachments • 3.49 mins

Why Nutrition is imp

Food categories that you need to know

9 pages

MODULE 2 - Mastering the Field: Understanding the Physical Demands of Football

2 attachments • 5.16 mins

Power & Endurance: Meeting Football's Challenges

Ideal body composition

3 pages

MODULE 3 - Key Nutrients: Fueling the Fire for Peak Performance

2 attachments • 3.24 mins

Total Energy Requirements

Crossword Puzzle on Nutrition

5 pages

Macronutrients Blueprint

4 attachments • 6.89 mins

Carbohtdrates: Energizing the Performance

Proteins: Building Blocks for Success

Fats: The Fuel for Peak Performance

Energy & Macro Calculations

6 pages

Micronutrients to Elevate Your Game

3 attachments • 5.86 mins

Micronutrients Intro

Vital Nutrients: Exploring Vitamins & Minerals

Sample Meal Plan Guide & Nutritional Tips

10 pages

Hydration Tactics: Staying Fluid in the Heat of the Match

5 attachments • 11.53 mins

Stay Hydrated, Stay Ahead: The Importance of Hydration

Dehydration Alert: Monitoring Your Fluid Levels

Hydration Dosage: The Optimal Fluid Intake

Hydration Guidelines: How to Stay at the Top of Your Game

Calculate your Hydration Status

9 pages

MODULE 4 - The Performance Plate: Winning Nutrition Plan

7 attachments • 8.95 mins

The Performance Plate: Setting the Foundation


Footballers Cupboard

3 pages

LOW Intensity Training Plate

MODERATE Intensity Training Plate

HARD Intensity Training Plate

Loading Plate & Planning: Maximizing Recovery & Results

Eat For Your Activity - Performance Plate

5 pages

MODULE 5 - Workout Nutrition Strategies: Before, During, After

6 attachments • 16.66 mins

Introduction to Workout Nutrition

Pre-Workout Power

DURING workout Sustenance

POST Workout Recovery

Workout Nutrition

14 pages

Importance of Rest Day in Athletes

6 pages

MODULE 6 - Superfoods Unleashed: Nutritional Powerhouses for Football Success

7 attachments • 11.56 mins

Sweet Potato & Leafy Greens: Nutrient-Rich Combos

Omega 3 & Banana: Essential Fats & Natural Energy

Beetroot & Blueberries: Boosting Performance Naturally

Oatmeal & Ginger: Supporting Endurance & Immunity

Eggs & Bone Broth: Protein & Collagen for Recovery

Identify the Superfoods - Fun Activity

3 pages

Superfoods Cookbook

9 pages

MODULE 7 - Supplements: Safety, Dos, and Don'ts

8 attachments • 11.27 mins

Supplement Safety: Introduction

Understanding Supplements: Types & Classifications

Supplements: Essential for Football Players?

Dos of Supplement Usage

Avoiding the DON'Ts in Supplement Usage

Closing Thoughts: Staying Safe & Informed

Sports Bars Recipes

5 pages

Sports Drinks Recipes

5 pages

MODULE 8 - Rest & Rise: Impact of Quality Sleep

4 attachments • 7.26 mins

Sleep: The Game-Changer for Footballers

Recommended Sleep Hours

Sleep Like a Pro: Optimizing Your Zzz's

A Guide to Sleep Better

6 pages

Conclusion: Top-Notch Nutrition Expertise

2 attachments • 2.7 mins


BONUS - Grocery List

5 pages


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About the creator

About the creator

Rashmi Cherian

Meet Rashmi Cherian, a Registered Dietitian & High-Performance Nutrition Expert with a passion for empowering athletes to reach new heights in their respective sports.

Unleash your full potential and elevate your game with Rashmi's cutting-edge nutrition expertise. Get ready to conquer your athletic goals and soar to greatness. Enroll now and start your journey toward becoming a true champion!

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